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by Wade Bradford

For ages 8 - 12


"A wild and zany camping adventure that will leave you begging for more. A must read for middle graders looking for something out of the ordinary."

- Dorine White, author of The Awakening & Cleopatra's Legacy series


Connor's summer is off to a rough start: the camp bus almost crashes, his cabin mates don't trust him, and the girls on the other side of the camp constantly outsmart him. But when he and his friends Tasha, Parker, and Kimberly investigate the mystery surrounding the "Ghost of Dead Billy," they begin a hilarious adventure that is worlds away from your typical campfire story.

So, who is Wade Bradford anyway?

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That night in my bunk, after a jump in the uber-chilly Lake Wutt-Da-Heck, I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking about Tasha. Did she like me or hate me? I couldn't tell. She probably didn't think about me at all.
            "Hey, Parker, you awake?" I asked.
            Parker snored in response. I shined my flashlight to see if he was faking. He wasn't. He slept with his mouth wide open and a string of drool stretched from his lip to his pillow. He held his lucky golf ball in his hand.
            I clicked off my flashlight and tried to go to sleep.
            Clunk - clunk - clink - clink - clink.
            It sounded like a golf ball hitting the floor. I turned the flashlight back on.
            The golf ball sat in the middle of the room. No. It wasn't sitting. It was spinning. I could tell because the little Spalding logo kept zipping around. Then, the golf ball began to slowly roll across the floor. It was heading for the door.
            "Parker," I called to him. Then, the golf ball suddenly stopped moving, almost as if it had been startled by the sound of my voice.
            I hopped out of my bunk to grab the ball. No one else was awake. It must have been almost midnight. When my flashlight found the golf ball, it started to roll again.
            "What the heck?" I blurted, and the golf ball stopped rolling.
            Was this place really haunted? No, it couldn't be. This stupid cabin was just built lopsided. That was it.
            But then the golf ball rolled again. Faster. It tapped against the wall and then it did something truly impossible. It rolled right up the wall. It strolled along in a zig zag pattern until it reached the windowsill. I was breathless. "Wait," I whispered. The golf ball didn’t wait. It hopped out the window. I rushed across the room and spied the haunted golf ball outside rolling through the gravel. It was headed to the suspension bridge. The girl's side of camp. The next thing I knew I was doing the dumbest thing you can do, the thing that every scary movie in the world tell you not to do.  I went off on my own. I climbed through the window and I followed the runaway ball into the darkness.

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