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By Alexander Pint

Alexander Pint and the seminars of the School of Holistic Psychology represent the Process that can allow you to become aware of the experience of your current incarnation and to reach the next level of consciousness faster. Books have been translated from Russian to English by Dr. Emin Kuliev.

Introduction to Practical Self-Investigation
by Alexander Pint
The essence of the game of this world, the world we entered as material (physical) beings, is separation. At the time of our birth, we accept a certain condition, which can be expressed by the word “separation.” In other words, we choose to forget who we really are. That is the origin of all our difficult states and problems. We forgot the Source. The majority of people forget who they are, where their real Home is, what they came here for. They feel lonely, they pity themselves, and they don’t understand what’s going on. In reality, those are the rules of the game played here. This is not an accident, but the specifics of the game chosen by your Soul. The rules, the mechanisms, and the meaning of this game are the topic of this book.



Introduction to Practical Self-Investigation
by Alexander Pint
What do we need to meet ourselves? What do we need for self-investigation? We need to meet a direct mirror, which will show us who we really are. This book is about one of these meetings.



Introduction to Practical Self-Investigation
by Alexander Pint
This book is about the basics of working on oneself. You will learn:
•The difference between common psychology and holistic psychology
•What self-observation is and why it is necessary for your spiritual growth
•How the human psyche is organized and what its components are
•What false personality is and why it is necessary to track it down.
•What the difference is between a sleeping man and one who starts to awaken
•What the basic steps and difficulties of the Way toward your own Wholeness are
•Why self-awareness is the basic Way toward self-knowledge



Introduction to Practical Self-Investigation
by Alexander Pint

Meeting other people, we actually meet ourselves. When a thought or an emotional state appears in you, someone will inevitably reflect it to you. Based on this point of view, the world is not a multitude of people plus me, but a multitude of “i”s.


There are many of us, but we are one. It is very important to understand that all of us are one. Other people are your mirrors and through them you can get to know and accept yourself holistically, both in positive and negative manifestations. Without such understanding your «spiritual growth» is just another illusion. This book is a mirror in which you will be able to see yourself as if in an X-ray. If you are ready for it, read it.

by Alexander Pint
This book will remind you that you have forgotten yourself. It will help you to recall what you have been trying to recall for so long. It will show you how your personal program holds you in a state of “sleep” and how to get out of it. As a tram, you run the same circle, calling it fate. You will not be able to change your itinerary and to become someone who can choose, i.e. a creator who is aware of himself, until you see that. You live mechanically. You are not even aware of it. You simply play the same record again and again. You are not free. Are you ready to see yourself the way you are? You will be able to move to the new, extended version of yourself only by doing that. If you are ready for it, read this book. It will allow you to see yourself the way you are now and to make a step toward real you.



How to Deal with Conflicts in Personal Relationships
by Alexander Pint
Close personal relationships give birth to the most serious of problems and conflicts in our lives. How can we get ourselves out of the dead end of recurrent conflicts and avoid the nervous breakdowns and diseases they produce? This book reviews questions that bother every human being in a dialogue format. What are the real reasons behind the misunderstanding between husbands and wives, parents and children, friends and relatives? How can we eliminate them and obtain harmony in our inner and outer worlds? How can we connect the energy of our thoughts, desires, and feelings, and realize our aims? What will allow us to combine our common interests with our individual interests? This book discusses these and many other questions by using practical examples.



by Alexander Pint

This book is a concise summary of the seminar of the School of Holistic psychology of Alexander Pint, “What is the emotional narcotic that creates the 'sleep' of our consciousness or a 'sleeping' man as a factory that manufactures and consumes narcotic states” that was conducted in April 2011 in Saint Petersburgh, Russia.

Dialogues between the students and Alexander Pint investigate the program of survival of the personality and the mechanisms that allow personality to receive emotional pleasure by using the game of guilt and condemnation. The reasons for the state of absolute guilt in which humanity is submerged and the feeling of “sinfulness” are reviewed.

In the Matrix of dual, separated perception, guilt and condemnation are programmed states that a human being is unable to not experience and reproduce. The questions we have asked and attempted to answer were, “Can a human being experience other states?” and “How can we experience other feelings and acquire a different experience?” The conductor of the seminar answers these questions by using examples of his own life and situations experienced by the participants during their lives, showing how to exit out of “sleep of consciousness”.




by Alexander Pint
Every human being on Earth is passing his lessons irrespective of whether he understands what he’s doing or not. These lessons consist of passing personal polarities, or dualities. Every problem that bothers a human being and every situation that happens in his life determines the character of his lessons, and every one of them can be boiled down to a certain duality. Every duality is like a gate, while our lesson is to pass precisely through the center of this gate. This is what we call a student’s way.

But it is one thing to know where and how you have to enter, and another thing to acquire a level of mastery that would allow you to do that. Middle space is the space where two polarities of your personal duality—plus and minus—get balanced. It is a space where you are calm and harmonious. This book will help you to achieve such harmony.



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