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by Dorine White


Eighth-grader Alysse Norton wants two things, to win Dancer of the Year at Nationals, and to steal Jeremy Stewart’s heart away from his girlfriend Brigitte. Things are going well until strange events begin interrupting Aly’s life. In biology class, she brings a dead frog back to life. At a school football game, she saves Jeremy from a deadly zombie bite, and during ballet class she witnesses her teacher unfurl fairy wings.


If that wasn’t strange enough, a new math teacher, Mr. Grimly, a flesh-eating goblin in human form, begins sucking the life force from Aly’s body, leaving her drained and dizzy every day after class, and unable to dance.


Faced with the destruction of her dreams, Aly fights back. She travels with her bratty younger sister Kat and their fairy ballet teacher, Tatiana, into the realm of the fey, a place where humans are despised and treated like animals. While there, Aly learns about her own fairy heritage, fights for human rights, and steals a magical dagger for killing goblins. Once back at home, Aly continues her bid to win Jeremy, bring the battle to Mr. Grimly, and do it all before Nationals.

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