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Save 10% on first editing service

New customers only


For an estimate on your project, contact us here: mail (at) laurisawhitereyes (dot) com


If you plan to self publish your book and need editorial assistance, cover design, formatting, or would like your book to be fully produced by an established publisher, Skyrocket Press may be the right option for you. We offer a variety of services at affordable rates. And if we really like your book, we may invite you to become a Skyrocket Press author.

Please send us an email and tell us about your project. We'd love to hear from you!


Let us be your coach! Need guidance on a manuscript, your editorial goals, or self-publishing? Schedule a phone appointment with our Senior Editor, Laurisa Reyes.

$99 for a half hour session




** All fees are based on double-spaced pages with 1” margins on all sides, Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Prices are subject to change.


** 50% deposit required at the time of agreement, with balance due on completion of project.


Initial Developmental Edit


$850/up to 50,000 words

$  75/each additional 10,000 words

Fees for books over 100,000 words will be determined on a case by case basis.


Our editors will read your manuscript and respond with comprehensive suggestions on the strengths and weakness of various elements of your story, including characterization, plot, setting, and so forth. We will also provide a detailed list of suggested revisions. Most communication will occur via email, though the fee does include one phone call up to 60 minutes to discuss the project in greater detail.


Follow-Up Developmental Edit


$400/up to 50,000 words

$  50/each additional 10,000 words


After the initial developmental edit, some authors request a second edit of their revised manuscript. This can be provided at the discounted price above.


Line/Copy Edit


$4/per page


Our editors examine your manuscript on the paragraph and sentence level, providing suggested revisions for grammar, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and punctuation. Comments are made to point out consistent errors with the aim of helping the author fine tune his/her manuscript.




$3/per page


Editors thoroughly check your manuscript for spelling, grammatical, formatting, and punctuation errors.


Cover Design


Starting at $350


We contract with a number of talented artists and graphic designers. Prices vary depending on whether or not original art is required as opposed to utilizing stock graphics. Projects will be priced individually, but are most often in the range of $350 - $800. The final fee includes the art, front cover text, back matter, and spine. Expanding existing covers for print (paperback) wraparound is $150. Hardcovers fees are determined on a case by case basis.


Interior Formatting & Design


$250/ Print -OR- Digital (up to 300 finished pages)

$350/Print & Digital Combo Package (up to 300 finished pages)

$50 per additional 100 pages


Interior formatting & design includes title page design, copyright page, title page (with interior hyperlinks for digital), chapter heading designs, page numbers, page layout/design, & author bio page. Print means paperback. Formatting for hardcover books is determined on a case by case basis.


Skyrocket Press Logo & Website Placement


$150  (for pre-approved books only)


Includes our logo on the cover and title page of your book, and the book and author bio placed on our website for as long as we remain in business.

ISBN # (Skyrocket Press Assigned)

$75 (with no additional services)

$50 (if additional services are purchased)




Editing Package (up to 50,000 words)                                                            $1,950

Includes Initial Developmental Edit, Copy Edit, & Proofreading


Design Package

Includes digital and print cover design, interior design, and formatting        $700 & up

for print & digital.


Publication Package

Includes both Editorial & Design packages, plus ISBN, and uploading         $2,750 & up

to Create Space, Kindle Direct & Nook Press.


Promotional/Marketing Package                                                                       $700

Includes the following:

  • Permanent Placement on Skyrocket Press Website

  • Online Cover Reveal & Blog Tour

  • 500 Bookmarks (front & back, glossy)

  • Promotion in a minimum of 2 Skyrocket Press digital newsletters

  • Press Release (sent to 5 media outlets of your choosing)



** Skyrocket Press accepts a limited number of clients. We do not edit or design erotica, LGBTQ, or books with excessive profanity, sensuality, or violence. We reserve the right to change prices if and when needed.


If you'd like more information about our services or would like to submit your book for consideration, feel free to contact us regarding a quote for our services:


If you are not sure what sort of editing  you need at this point in your project, read this great blog post from The Book Designer -- HERE.




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