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Meet Alexander Pint

Author of

The Wholistic Psychology series

Alexander Pint is a creator of a new direction in the science of evolution of the personality and consciousness of a human being—Holistic Psychology. He is the director of the School of Holistic Psychology (The Laboratory of New Technologies of Ascent).

Interview with Alexander Pint:


When and why did you become interested in the inner world of a human being?


— The interest in the internal world of a human being developed in relationship with the dramatic changes in my life and my inability to exit out of the dead-end or the impasse using the methods that were known to me. I could not find satisfying answers to my questions, even though I searched everywhere, including psychology, philosophy, and esoteric circles. As a result of my search I realized that I will only be able to find the necessary answers through self-investigation, as no one will be able to answer my questions for me.


Can you tell us how Holistic psychology was formed and what are the ideas that it is based on?


I want to emphasize from the start that Holistic approach to investigate different systems, including a human being, was applied before me, but the fact that I use this notion as a title of my approach to the transformation of human consciousness does not mean that I happen to be the follower of any one of them. The notion «holistic», from my point of view, corresponds to the direction that the consciousness of my personality moves toward on its way to transformation. Therefore, I pass on the results of my own self-investigation under the general title «The Holistic Psychology of Alexander Pint». 


The Holistic Psychology was formed in the process of my self-investigation and therefore happens to be its structural reflection. One of the main aims of my work was to understand the meaning of human life from the point of view of the Highest Level of Consciousness. The meaning of life that was offered to me through my upbringing and culture did not satisfy me, and I started to look for the answer to this question in myself. The Holistic Psychology is what I finally came to.


I understood that any given reality including the world we are in right now is managed by a certain structure of intellection, or what I call the matrix of consciousness. Our world happens to be under the management of the matrix of separated consciousness that can be called survival. This consciousness creates and manages the programs of all people, maintaining the corresponding to it order of things. By itself it also happens to be under the management of the structure of consciousness of a higher level.


To see and to describe the basic principles of work of such a structure of consciousness, governing our world, was one of the main tasks of my self-investigation. Now, when this puzzle is almost solved, I can share some of the results with you. First of all, this structure of consciousness, and as a result the consciousness of the majority of people, is based on the axiom of separation, fight, and survival. An axiom is an idea, that is being accepted without prove. Based on the axiom, different theorems and methods of proving them develop, but the axiom itself is accepted without prove. If we were to doubt the axiom itself, we would not be able to accept any theorem built on it. Therefore, as long as people continue to believe in the axiom of survival, their life represents another prove of the theorem of survival, or to put it differently, an experience of another variant of such a quality of life.


Transformation of consciousness of a human being and Humanity is possible only with a change of the main axiom of the structure of its intellection, or to be precise, of the axiom of survival, as it happens to be the main and the only axiom. To see and to understand survival as a structure of intellection is only possible by observing it from the highest levels of consciousness. That’s precisely what I did during my self-investigation by meticulously observing and investigating my own personality in all its roles and manifestations. I have to say that such an investigation required studying and holistic understanding of the interconnectedness and interactions of three centers of a human being (mental, emotional, and physical) that happens to be in duality or to put it differently in a state of a fight of their own opposite parts. 


The fight of the opposites in a human being, or in his personality, is the main prerequisite of Soul’s going through its lessons in our world. The fight of the opposites in a human being, and manifestation of this fight in the external world as a consequence of it, is a result of consciousness being separated, or of the energy of a Soul undergoing fragmentation in this three dimensional world. These are the conditions of our presence in this world.  

The Holistic psychology is a practical tool that allows one to become aware of and to transform the old structure of the intellection into qualitatively new structure, or in other words, to move from a state of Survival to a state of Life and Holistic perception of oneself and of the world. During this process the change in the axiom of perception occurs. The currently existing axiom of a fight within oneself mirrored by other people and by the external world is changing to the axiom of wholeness, partnership, and acceptance of the equally important opposite parts of the personality of a human being.


Quite a lot is being said about partnership, acceptance, and mutual respect nowadays, but without understanding of the dual structure of the personality of a human being all these pleas do not give any results: the internal and the external fight continues. The law of the unity and the fight of the opposites is known as a philosophical law, but people have almost no understanding of it on the level of personality. However, it is precisely that understanding that is needed for the transformation of the consciousness of a human being from quality of survival and fight to the next quality of partnership and unity.


The Holistic psychology is a New Knowledge that allows seeing what happens in earthly life of any human being from the point of view of Holistic Consciousness. The Holistic point of view of a human being and his life provides an opportunity to see not just the symptoms and effects of his main problems, but their essence, i.e. their basic reasons and the mechanisms of their manifestations. All of them appear due to the dual make up of a personality of a human being, or presence in him of a diametrically opposite tendencies.


People call one part of these tendencies positive or good, and another — negative or bad. Negating the presence of the negative tendencies in oneself, a human being maintains one’s own internal separation and in such a way prolongs the state of internal and external war with oneself. Such a perception leads to disharmony and misbalance in the personality of a human being, giving birth to problems, pain, suffering, accidents, diseases, etc.  

The Holistic psychology is a revolutionary view on the makeup and true predestination of a personality of a human being, and practical manual for its harmonization. Harmonization of a misbalance of personal dualities allows one to stop the internal and external fight with oneself and to start loving oneself unconditionally.


Not only the Holistic psychology provides a full theoretical description of a dual make up of a human being and of one’s personality, but it also offers a complete set of instruments that help one to exit the internal and external problems and conflicts.


The Holistic psychology is the fastest method of solving one’s all earthly lessons, or accelerated method of evolution of human consciousness. It is precisely the holistic understanding and acceptance of oneself that is required on a given stage of evolution of humanity.  


What do you understand by self-investigation? What does transformation of personality consist of?  


Self-investigation is a process of becoming aware of one’s own personal program and of the life experience received by you. You will only be able to separate your Supreme «I» from your Lowest «i», or to de-identify with what the majority of people consider to be themselves, or their personality through awareness.  Such de-identification is a necessary prerequisite for self-investigation, while self-investigation is necessary in order to clearly and holistically understand the given of the assignment your Soul came to this world with, and to solve it. If you do not understand the given of such an assignment, you will not be able to solve it. 


In order to solve this assignment, you need to know different techniques and methods of solution of these problems. In order to do that, you need to know the structure of the intellection of the matrix of consciousness of this world. The personal program of any given human being represents a set of equations, in order to solve which you need to understand what personal dualities are, and how they can be harmonized. It is precisely in harmonization of these personal dualities where the solution of the assignments set up by your Soul lies.

As each personal program is unique, you can only solve the equation downloaded into your personality by yourself, conducting your own self-investigation. The way to conduct it is discussed in great details and shown by me during my seminars and webinars, but you have to do it independently, as no one will ever solve your life lessons for you. 


The main result of self-investigation is transformation of personality, or harmonization of its dual sides. Such a harmonization may be full or partial. As you investigate your shadow sides, you pass through personal changes, or transfer to the opposite side of duality. You may be aware of these changes and you may not be aware of them. The changes without awareness are manifested by a sudden move of a personality to a side, opposite to the one it previously occupied. For example, one has been an atheist and become a priest, or one was rich and became poor. Such changes happen to people quite frequently, but they are not aware of the real reasons behind them.


Personal changes are necessary for the investigation of subconscious sides of personality, but such a work requires you to be fully aware of what is happening to you. The awareness of the shadow sides allows one to learn the mechanisms of interactions of personal dualities in the structure of personality of a human being. It is precisely such an investigation that leads to their acceptance and understanding. One cannot accept something that one does not see and does not understand. The slogan «Accept yourself the way you are! » is widely used, but does not lead anywhere if not accompanied by self-investigation and self-awareness.


The detailed investigation of the opposite sides of personal dualities allows one to clearly see and understand their interconnectedness and interdependence. Such a process leads to discontinuation of a chronic fight between them and to the transformation of this duality into a state of wholeness. In other words, duality gets balanced, and a human being finds wholeness in a particular duality. Such a work should be carried with all the dualities of your personal structure. That will allow you to find full and total wholeness, or enlightenment. For some people, finding harmony in one or several dualities that create the most significant problems and conflicts in their life would suffice.


Can you tell us what a personal duality is and how it manifests itself in life of a human being? 


One of the main results of my self-investigation was opening of the makeup of the structure of a personality of a human being. I see the personality of a human being as an assignment that one’s Soul comes here to solve. Therefore, the understanding of what the given of such an assignment are happen to be is extremely important. 

I saw that the personal program of a human being, or his personality, is a structure that is built based on a dual principle. The qualities that the personality of a human being is being appraised on represent in themselves a dual scale that has two opposite sides. One side is a given quality with a plus sign, while the opposite side is the same quality, but with a minus sign. For example: «active — passive», «smart — stupid», «important — insignificant», «suppressing — suppressed» etc.


The chronic war is going on between the opposite sides of a personality as each one of these sides insists on its own perception of what is happening. Therefore, the war that, as it appears to us, a human being is fighting with the external world, struggling for his survival, in reality occurs in his internal world, while the external world simply reflects it. That’s why all the problems and tragedies that appear in life of human beings have internal, not external reasons. Such reasons happen to be connected precisely with the fight of the internal opposite sides of one’s personality. Why aren’t people aware of it?


The fact of the matter is that such a dual mechanism of an internal war is hidden from one’s perception as a human being happens to be in the lower frequencies of vibrations of consciousness, or in a «sleep of consciousness». One of the sides of each personal duality is on one’s consciousness, while the opposite side is hidden in one’s sub-consciousness. They represent two directors that put on the show of a given human being life. The human being himself is only aware of one of them, while a second director is acting stealthily, but as effectively as the first one. With such a partial or one-sided perception of what is happening it seems to one that the reasons of his misfortunes happens to be in the external world, with which he continues to have a fight in a face of other people and situations. In reality, they happen to be the consequences of his internal separation, and his inability to see and understand it.


Commonly accepted principle of development of personality can be expressed by a slogan: «Become better! », or «Fight with your shortfalls! » People have different notions of what being better means, but in any case to become better means to fight one’s shortfalls. Therefore, any given growth of a personality presupposes a fight with one’s shortfalls or shortfalls of other people, which in reality happens to be a fight with oneself. It’s precisely such a point of view on development of a personality that leads to continuation of chronic fight inside a human being, leading to conflicts, disease, accidents, and other dramas.


One can stop the internal fight, and as a result stop the external conflicts and wars, only through the holistic awareness of one’s dual personal structure. That’s precisely what we explore during the webinars and seminars. Such work occurs not through a belief, but through new knowledge and understanding of the final aim of one’s transformation, as well as every single step during one’s work to change one’s personality. It is impossible to conduct this work without a clear and correct understanding of the meaning of the harmonization of one’s personal dualities.


The balance or harmonization of personality requires a detailed investigation of its shadow sides, and understanding of their necessity for the acquisition of the earthly experience ordered by the Soul. Acceptance of the shadow parts of the personality is only possible through the investigation and understanding of the important role these shadow parts play in the structure of personality.


Every single human being has his own structure of dual qualities that represents his personality, or personal program. Parents render the most significant influence on such a program, transferring to a child their own survival programs, which turn out to be the two opposite sides of his or her personality. Therefore, the investigation of a process of upbringing of a given personality happens to be the major direction in our work toward self-awareness and self-investigation.  


What are your books about? What kind of practical help can they bring to a reader?


My books represent a recital of certain steps of my self-investigation. We can call them an introduction to Holistic Psychology. Each one of them is dedicated to the problems and questions that perturb people the most. They also represent my dialogues with participants of the seminars and show the methods of solving different problems-assignments that every human being constantly encounters in his life. One can only find out what kind of practical benefits one can get out of them by reading and getting to know what they carry on one’s own, as the process of getting aware of oneself is quite individual.


Why and for whom was The School of Holistic Psychology created?  


For a very long time, the Earth and Humanity was in a state of «sleep of consciousness». In such a state the consciousness of a human being became separated on many, fighting each other fragments. We have lost our wholeness and forgot who we are in reality. It is precisely that inner fragmentation of a personality that explains all the negative phenomena in life of every human being and humanity at large. We have lost the real meaning of our life and succumbed to the fight of survival.


The time of Holistic, not Fragmented Consciousness has come, even though not everyone is conscious of it yet. However, the influence of new cosmic energies is felt by everyone, even by those that do not understand or do not accept yet that the irreversible Transfer to the Holistic Consciousness has started. This Process accelerates all our earthly lessons and pushes us toward the Holistic understanding of ourselves.


The School of Holistic psychology is a part of the Universal Project, which is called the Quantum Transfer of Earth, 2012. This is the Universal Project that is being led by those that we do not see with a physical vision. Nevertheless, some people including me participate in it with full awareness, performing our part of work necessary for the transfer of the Earth and Humanity to the next level of Consciousness  — Holistic, or Christ Consciousness. 

I can emphasize the most pertinent characteristics of those that our school was created for. First of all, they already start to feel that the attempts to simply satisfy the desires of their personality without the understanding of its makeup and supreme predetermination do not amount to much. They are ready to review and practically use the Knowledge of Duality and Wholeness as a universal key to exit out of pain and suffering or out of Separation to Harmony, Awareness, and Unconditional Love. They are ready not to simply read and listen to certain materials of esoteric nature, but to start to systematically and purposefully move toward their own Wholeness, i.e. to become self-investigators and apply the knowledge received in school to their own life.


My school offers extramural and intramural education. Extramural occurs through the webinars and seminars on line, while intramural is conducted as seminars-training that people come to. During our seminars and webinars, we review the mechanisms of the misbalance of each particular personal duality in detail. In other word, we are occupied with «enlightenment», or «introduction of light» into all of the shadow parts of the personality. Reviewing the mechanism of misbalance of each particular personality, we balance or harmonize them. This is the main and basic work for any human being that has an Intention to become Enlightened or Whole.


The harmonization of the misbalances of personal dualities allows solving the most difficult problems of one’s life, even those that are considered to be unsolvable. Such a work allows one to become aware of one’s own personal program totally and exit to the next Level of Consciousness, at which one becomes the programmer of one’s life, instead of being a personage of the show, mechanically performing one’s role.  


What exactly are your seminars-trainings? Does one have to have a certain preparation in order to participate in them? What are they oriented toward? 


The seminars-trainings that I conduct in different cities and countries can be called the Theater of awareness. Those are seminars-trainings in which the participants-actors not simply perform the roles that are familiar to them in their life, but what is most important, have an opportunity to become aware and holistically understand the essence of the experience that they are living through.


Self-awareness — is a clear vision of how and why you perform your roles in the show of your life, while experiencing yourself as an observer, or investigator of your own life. Awareness allows one to clearly and holistically see and understand one’s own personal program, or, in other words, the script of one’s life. Such an understanding brings a human being to the next quality of consciousness and as a consequence changes one’s perception of life toward better understanding of oneself and others. Emotionally such changes are experienced as Gratitude or Unconditional Love.  


The seminars that are conducted by me are dedicated to scrupulous review of practically all the questions that interest people, such as love, money, meaning of life, dependency, etc. The major difference between my seminars and other seminars that address similar topics happens to be the investigation of the personal programs of people that come to the seminar, as it is precisely these programs that give birth to all their problems and dramas. The full awareness of one’s program is enlightenment. It is only through the process of self-investigation and the holistic understanding of oneself, or one’s own program, that a human being can transfer to the next quality of consciousness. It is that assignment that is viewed by me as a main one in all my seminar-trainings.

Usually, the people that come to my seminar-trainings have already acquainted themselves with my books, as well as audio and video materials that are available on our website. Such materials represent an extended CV, getting familiarized with which, one can feel whether My Way is acceptable for him or not. If the answer is «Yes», the webinars and seminars of my school will be the next step in one’s holistic understanding of oneself.


There are currently many discussions in the media about the so called Quantum Leap, or Transfer of the Earth, 2012. What, in your opinion, this Transfer represents?  


The Quantum Leap is a Cosmic Process connected to the transfer of the Earth to the qualitatively next level of her consciousness. The Earth happens to be the alive organism similar to a human being, but of a different scale. Going through such process will naturally be different for the Earth compare to what will occur with people that happen to be on the surface of this physical body. For the people this Process will be quite different depending on the assignments their Soul came here with, and on the decisions they made in their earthly life.  


Presently, most of the people do not have a clear understanding of why and for what reason they are present on Earth or have quite illusory notions in that regard. It has to do with the fact that the majority of them are completely identified with their material body and personality, forgetting who they in reality are and why they are here on Earth. Observing the changes that occur in different spheres of human life and observing the Earth, people only see the consequences, without understanding their true reasons. These reasons are not of this world. 


Everything that happens on Earth now pushes people toward a wider perception of themselves and life in general, contributing to the reevaluation of the notions of oneself, God, and meaning of life. The Quantum Leap is the strongest catalyst that accelerates such processes many times in comparison to what happened before. We happened to be in the zone of Free Will and, therefore, everyone will decide what to do depending on the understanding he or she has at the present moment. The ability to discern the quality and direction of the information coming from the media in relationship to current events, and to Quantum Leap in particular, in my opinion, happens to be the main quality of a human being who is aware of himself. He is capable of seeing the illusions and separating them from what his Supreme «I» prompts him to do. So, in my opinion, the main and the basic question for everyone at the present moment happens to be his awakening and unification with his Supreme Aspect. Only in such a case will he be able to separate illusion from reality and to understand what opportunities appear in connection to the Quantum Leap of the Earth and what his task is during this very important period of human history.  


For me personally, the Quantum Leap is the Great Opportunity to become aware of and to transmit to people the New Axiom of Life that is based not on a fight with oneself, but on harmony and balance of the opposites. I understand quite well that not everyone is ready for such a cardinal change of his or her perception, but for those that have this intention it may become a reality right now. That’s why our School of Holistic Psychology is a place where we build the relationships based on Awareness, Unconditional Love, and internal Harmony, or, to put it differently, on the Axiom of Holistic Consciousness, doing it here and right now.


How can one determine what one’s major life task as connected to an evolution of consciousness is?


This basic question everyone has to understand and to solve independently. For some people it does not even exist yet, as their tasks do not exit the borders of survival. Those that feel the power of this question search for the answer. That’s their spiritual quest.   

In my opinion, the most important thing for any human being is his ability to pose questions, and specifically those questions that are really important for the development of his Soul. It is precisely this ability that is atrophied in the majority of people, because they are constantly given already prepared answers to the questions related to their survival that were formulated by somebody else. Therefore, people did not develop a habit of thinking individually, and usually follow something that someone else is saying, or simply denying what they do not like.  

In order to determine the main tasks and assignments connected to one’s evolution of consciousness one first of all has to understand who one is now, and who one is in reality. To understand yourself the way you are now means to become aware holistically and to accept one’s personality in all its oppositions. Such a work will allow you to become a clean channel with your Supreme Aspect, from whom you will be able to find the main assignments of your current incarnation. That’s why you will only be able to understand your assignment after the transformation of your personality, as being in a sleeping or disharmonious state, a human being is incapable of clear understanding, and will understand illusory ideas as real.


Do you have hobbies? What books do you find important? Do you watch television and which channels? What would you recommend to the listeners of for their perfection and well-rounded development?


Of course, I have personal preferences. However, I don’t want to recommend them to other people. As far as hobby is concerned, since I was thirteen years old, I exercise daily, as it helps me to maintain my body in a good working condition. At the same time, I smoke. As you can see, it is possible to combine the opposites, maintaining the balance between them.  

Previously, I read a lot, but currently I like to watch movies. I use reading and watching movies to better understand people and their internal world. That’s why it is difficult for me to define this activity as a hobby or continuation of self-investigation. In reality, whatever I do and wherever I am, I always try to understand what present of awareness a given situation carries for me.


What are your recommendations and wishes to our listeners?


I wish you all the same thing I wish myself — to be able to fully use that Great Opportunity that exists during current period of development of the Earth and Humanity, for Holistic understanding of oneself and acquiring the state of Unconditional Love.


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