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Winner of the Moonbeam Children's Book Award

Bronze Medal - 2020

Young Adult Fiction - Mature Issues

From the award-winning author of


comes a story of love,  loss & second chances.

He'd do anything for his dad. She'd do anything for her brother. But will they do anything for each other?

16-year-old Ryan Rojas would do anything to please his dad, including give up what he loves most: music. But the pressure of living up to his parents’ expectations is too much to bear. After getting suspended for doing drugs on campus, Ryan is determined to prove himself and get back into school—no matter the cost.


Like Ryan, Penny Tate has also put her dreams on hold for someone she loves. She’s been offered a basketball scholarship to the nation’s top academy for young athletes, but as long as her troubled older brother needs her, she refuses to enroll. Once Ryan and Penny’s paths cross, things start looking up for both of them. But when tragedy strikes, they must find the courage to pursue their dreams and grow their friendship into something more.

For ages 14 & up


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