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Relational Nutrition:

The Psychology of Attachment & Eating Behavior

by Jessica Schulman, PhD


Why do people seek wellness but eat poorly or behave in ways that cause the very health problems they are trying to avoid? Why do people use comfort foods to cope with loneliness? What is the relationship between food and drug addiction? How is food used as a transitional object? How do families contribute to the formation of eating disorders? How do broken attachments with caregivers contribute to eating problems? Why did the "one child per nurse" rule reduce the death rate in hospitals? Should babies be put to sleep with bottles and pacifiers?



This book answers these questions and addresses underlying reasons for food behaviors that compromise health and wellness. The author distills and translates important concepts into an easy to read and concise manner. Anyone with interest in nutrition and relationships (or attachment theory) can learn and apply the concepts. Practical applications and tips for caregivers, couples, families, and the public are discussed.


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