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How did Moses part the Red Sea? Why did God reject Cain's sacrifice? Were there any women prophets? Was David damned because of Uriah and Bathsheba?

Author and theologian, Raymond A. White, has spent the past 40 years of his life studying the Bible and trying to come to grips with its many complexities of doctrine and spiritual history. In this ground breaking collection of original essays, White finally shares his findings and explorations with the world.

"I picked it up, loved the sweet dedication, the lovely forward (such good writing), and the Introduction was FANTASTIC. I mean truly inspiring and truthful. I couldn’t stop and found myself two chapters in before I knew it. Wow! The decades of honest research about what the Bible really says regardless of the beliefs one tries to shoehorn the meaning into is refreshingly straight and honest and logical. It really speaks to my intelligence. If you have an interest in the vast history and meaning behind the Bible, you want this. Highly Recommended!" - 5 Star Amazon Review


What is God?

This question has incited debate and division within the Christian church for centuries. If only the answer were clearly outlined in the Bible, but therein lies the root of the problem. The Bible defines God in different ways, depending on which verses you read. Any attempt to pin down the definition of God only leads to confusion and, historically, conflict. The reality is that the Bible is wrought with contradictions, from whether we are saved by grace or works, to whether or not Jesus is God.

To author & theologian Raymond A. White, such paradoxes should not be a reason to disbelieve the Bible or to divide Christians, but instead they are evidence that the Bible is to be believed. In the second volume of The Word and the Struggle series, White examines Biblical definitions and explanations of God while also illuminating incongruities on the subject in an attempt not to resolve them but to encourage Christians to accept them and to accept one another.

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